Kate's Cheese Co.

More Than Just Cheese

As a local mom and pop shop in Greenport, NY, Kate's Cheese Co. is a small speciality store with plenty of wine, beer, and charcuterie boards for everybody to share. Established in late 2018, they have been growing their social media following and expanding their online store and I’ve joined them as their graphic designer over the last year and half. On the right, I've included some photos I've taken of the store's interior to help capture the store's aesthetic and charm.

Graphics & Marketing

Working with their team, we developed a brand identity that keeps the small town aesthetic with a modern feel. I have designed several marketing graphics that have been put into production such as business cards, menus,

and flyers.

Online Digital Media

Studying how both local and chain stores promote their businesses, the company's Instagram has been growing steadily over the last few months. With direct events and promotions geared towards their following, the content appeals to both locals and consumers in New York City. The graphics I have made on the right are posted on their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook to promote their events and any specials they had currently going on.

Small Business & Design

Working closely with Kate and her team has allowed me to first-hand experience the complex but rewarding parts of running a small business. During this time, I found many moments that were relatable to the design process such as listening to their user base  to understand and anticipate their needs and learn what they wanted to see. With these interactions, we were able to create content that captured the same small town charm and move it onto their online presence. From this process, I have learned the value of building and maintaining a strong brand identity and channeling it across digital and print media.