A Unified System


Our first project at CMU was to grow familiar with Adobe software and tools by designing a poster for a lecture series. The project kicked off with restrictions such as font, size, color and shape to ease us into the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, & XD.

The project gradually evolved into the creation of a final tabloid without any restrictions based on our style and from there, we created a complete set of deliverables including a flyer, tabloid, and a prototype app. The tabloid shown on the right was the final product the rest of the deliverables revolved around.

Project 1 Tabloid Ip Christina.png
Reiterations on Reiterations

With several restrictions such as font, size, color and shape, it was a slow process. With every assignment, one restriction was lifted and several posters were redesigned again. Ideas slowly began to take shape and develop into one that really represented our style.

The below are a condensed sample of tabloids to see how my design progressed over the two weeks.

A Complete Set

Once a final tabloid was created, we moved onto other print deliverables. For events like a lecture series, other prints were definitely required. These had to follow suit with the original tabloid and were adjusted to fit different sizes. With no restrictions, it was freeing to explore different concepts .

Project 1 Poster Ip Christina.png
Project 1 Flyer Ip Christina.png
Online Access

The final step was to make the event accessible on mobile. Because we live in a 

digital world, it would be assumed that many would access the event through

a mobile device. A prototype with created Adobe XD. 

You can see the prototype here.


With over thirty posters and prototypes created over the span of a month, ideas were hammered out and changes were decided rapidly. Both small and big adjustments affected the design significantly. We learned quickly that small details could change the entire feel of a design.

To see our final design evolve from a simplistic black and white poster was rewarding and quickly introduced us to the design process. Developing one deliverable is much different than designing for multiple. It was important to think about the set played together. From this project, I now consider more now on how a design works in a whole system rather than just a stand-alone piece.