About Me & My Design Mind

About Me 

My goal as a human centered designer comes from a passion to understand how we communicate visually and holistically. I aim to create an experience that is relatable to all parties involved by recognizing how people work and applying this knowledge to my work.

In 2018, I graduated from University at Buffalo with a BS in Mathematics, BA in English, and a Minor in Fine Arts. From there, I learned that creativity and logic can be expressed in various forms besides the traditional art and science fields, such as design. I am now working towards a Masters of Art in Design at Carnegie Mellon University and will graduate in Spring 2022.

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Design Mind

How do I design? Coming from an arts and science background, I utilize methods from both fields to find the best fit for projects. My design process starts by first approaching ideas from a logical and imaginative way to explore possibilities. After filtering these ideas out, I tweak, process, and reanalyze until satisfied. The booklet on the right was created with InDesign to describe a more in-depth discussion of how I design.